Saturday, May 29, 2004

Birth Pains

No, nobody's pregnant. But this blog will be less about my life than it will be long and hopefully interesting commentary. This means you can more easily search the whole morass for articles that caught your eye-- or your ire.

I've managed to restore the Haloscan commenting script on this thing, all the better for you to throw verbal rotten vegetables (or virtual roses) at me for opening my big mouth and putting my foot in it.

So where is all the inane stuff (that is, if you guys don't already think my ideas are inane) going to go? What about the stories, the little life vignettes?

They still have a place on blogspot. Specifically--

Dexterian Lit for fiction and poetry;
Fringe Living for the 4-11 on what I'm doing.

Keep the mouse clicking on this space for commentary.

Honestly, I don't know how I can pull it off, but I really feel the need for an overhaul.

Make your comments. I appreciate them.


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