Monday, June 07, 2004

Letter to Antoinne and Sammy

Dear Antoinne, Sammy--

You've both inquired as to how I've been. I've been remiss since I have neither replied via sms nor via email.

I've been hiding out. Again. I know, it looks like the usual Dex response to a problem, not being around to ask for or receive help. But it's not that world-shaking, all things considered. What I've been over the last week or so is... BLOCKED.

I can't write worth a damn and it's affecting my work. Speaking of which, the check hasn't arrived, and that too is thoroughly irritating me. It's been a week since the end of May.

I'm so miserably blocked I'm rambling here, contrary to my stated mandate for the new Big Bodega.

Anyway, Sammy, here's what you wanted to know--

Words of the Week and all related articles will be appearing here, occasionally spilling into Fringe Living. Philosophy, Politics and Language will be discussed in The Big Bodega as well. Movies will be reviewed, if at all, in Fringe Living. At least that's the plan. I'm praying I can stick to it.

Thanks for asking after me, pals.

With Love,

Dex El
The Big Bodega

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