Friday, July 30, 2004

I can see the headlines now...
Australia Slams RP Troop Pullout
locals respond with hissy fit; lawmakers threaten Aussie import ban

We get like this every time somebody overseas says something even remotely unpalatable about us. I remember that hissy fit we threw when Claire Danes complained about the roaches. Ban her movies, we wailed. Then there was that row over how ours was high on the list of corrupt governments and unsafe countries. We protested to high heaven. Of course, we don't flog other Filipinos who complain about how this country is poorly run. Why is that?
Sheez. If there is any Philippine diplomat, congressman, law enforcer or government executive who bothers to read this...
Get it through your heads: until we are the new fat heavy swinging dicks in terms of economic and (ha ha!) military power in our region, our hissy fits will be just that-- hissy fits. We're so prone to throwing tantrums, we forget what has to be done. We keep doing this, then we may wind up alienating important trade and military partners. It's enough that we officially, diplomatically, "agree to disagree." We can always give our critics the finger in the privacy of our own homes.
You want Australia to eat its words? Ask it the same question we should have asked Uncle Sam: "Where are the WMDs? Not in Iraq? Then may we ask what you are still doing there?" You want the rest of the world to put us off the kidnapping watchlists? Do your damn jobs!

You want our saber-rattling to be taken seriously? Then have the wit to stick to this long-term goal: "a safe and poverty-free Philippines within the next 20 years."  We'll have the necessary clout; you'll have your place in the history books; you may even be amply rewarded for your pains. Help us do this, and I can guarantee all of it happening for us.*
* Do this, and I can also guarantee we'll be too busy nation-building and getting rich to rattle sabers or make futile hissy fits.

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