Saturday, July 24, 2004

Some Good News for a Change

Angelo De la Cruz is home. And at least one Philippine presidential administration showed the world it can look out for the interests of the people who count-- the people who put said administration in office in the first place. Take a bow, GMA. But make note: I'll buy your belt-tightening recommendations in your upcoming State of the Nation Address only if you take a pay cut.

An eight storey building keels over in Tondo, Manila. Power lines are cut, dust and debris fly everywhere... and no one is hurt!

Apparently, the cops in Manila were informed beforehand that the ricketty building was going through its preliminary death-throes. They cleared the street, ordered neighboring establishments closed and kept out the gawkers. When the building finally fell, there was no one around for it to squash.

Efficient cops? Here? Shocking! 
As I write, Manila police are keeping watch over the rubble, to keep away thieves. Mayor Atienza's also putting together a task force to investigate the collapse. There is a renewed interest in building safety laws and practices-- and it's about damn time.
Better stow those Canadian immigration forms away. There is hope for this country yet.

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