Thursday, July 22, 2004

Won't Need To Rant and Fulminate for a Week
If you're an avid fence-sitter in world events, you simply cannot ignore the weirdness that is going on in the great US of A, also known as the Average Filipino's Second Country(1). I once called it Nova Roma and I'm right to do so. It's a sad fact of life that if someone sneezes in the American halls of Congress, our administrations previous and present commence:
1. rolling over and salivating (the lapdog stance);
2. shaking in their collective boots (the Don't Hurt Us WTO stance);
3. indignant but polite namecalling and vituperation (the toy saber rattling and popgun brandishing stance
Those of us who wish for even a partial understanding of American politics are most enthusiastically enjoined to visit this site: and load up the flash animation ("This Land"). Pictures say more than  a thousand words, so look it over and understand why I won't have to rant about America for a week.  
Ah, Blogging Bliss!
Notes: (1) Canada running Second, Saudi Arabia and Japan running neck and neck as third country of choice. Notice that the majority of countries listed here are hostile to Filipino immigrants and prospective workers. Canada, God bless her, is so vast and empty that they're practically letting everyone in.     

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