Saturday, November 06, 2004

Those Dratted Moral Values

Paraphrased from a local daily-- "the perception of moral values carried the day for the Bush team."

The key word here is "perception."

Apparently it is the more moral thing to instigate and condone a war nobody needs, publicly citing self-defence reasons that don't exist. It is more moral, apparently, to lie to your own people about the "justness" of the same war. It is more moral, apparently, to directly add to the misery being felt worldwide by seizing oil that isn't yours via the same unneeded war, sparking multiple increases in the price of oil in countries that can ill-afford them. It is also more moral, apparently, to endorse the gagging of dissent, running roughshod over the dignity of your own people who just happen to be Muslim and of Mid-Eastern Ethnicity, and/or against the war.*

It is more moral, it seems, to keep the guy allied with the Gun Lobby in office.


*I won't deny that Islamic extremists are constantly trying to destroy the USA; I'll grant getting rid of Saddam was a good thing. But scurrying around like frightened rats is every time Osama Bin Laden airs a video on Al-Jazeera is exactly the response he wants. Saddam was a pariah even to his fellow Muslim heads of state before the war; now he's a martyr. Catholics in pre-9-11 Iraq were at least tolerated: now there are reports of them being actively threatened with bodily harm, simply because they're Christian. Many of them are headed for the border, knowing full well that it was a shmuck purporting to represent their Evangelical Separated Brethren who started this mess. Thanks a lot George.


Kervin said...

A crazy world requires crazy people to live in it.

The Dark Half Elf said...

Morality, how does it apply when the times come to the point where killing becomes right, for any reason. It's just muddled like so much badly focused pictures. You know it's there, it's just all funked up.

Anonymous said...

Oi, Dex! Howzit going? Any news? Can't seem to find your fringe living blog....