Thursday, November 25, 2004

Vicarious 2

In Cubao, my favorite part of town, television reporter Dolan Castro and his camera man get shoved by policemen out of a police station for documenting what could be another case of police brutality. A suspect being held at the station gets beaten up while while in police custody. Dolan Castro was accused of obstructing justice and harboring a criminal.

I got news for Dolan. What happened to the suspect routinely happens to other suspects in police custody in these parts. It's unlawful, it's barbaric, but hey, it's "mob justice" and the suspect's probably had it coming. Besides, it's Crime's symbolic comeuppance and the Universal Filipino's vicarious satisfaction.

Vicarious. Adjective. Meaning "experienced secondhand." Because apparently we cannot get justice firsthand, being as "poor" and "downtrodden" by Large Evil Forces as we especially are. Poor us; we're such victims.

As a people, we cling to our victim mentality for dear life, as if our letting big iniquity simply pass us by entitles us to restitution. And when we find small inequity (read: inconvenience) we overreact, with wooden clubs, the hidden illegal firearm, with screaming, and the threat of bringing the fury of the patron-- be he saint, politician, cop or jueteng lord-- to bear on the perceived Doer of Evil. Even if all he did was get into "our lane," "our parking space, et cetera" first.

Those of us who believe we live in a democracy should take a second look at the individuals that make up the one we're supposedly living in. Most of us are neither aware of what a democracy is and the individual responsibilities living in one entails, nor are we mature enough to take responsibility for our lives-- individual and collective.


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