Friday, September 23, 2005

20 Random Things About Dex

Ian tagged me. So there.

1. I started spelling my name with an "h" (Dhex) back in my Culture Crash days, at first to gently mock parents who inflict kitsch names like Rhose, Jheffrhey and the like on their unsuspecting kids.

2. Amazingly, "Dhex" grew on me. I have good friends who address me in loving and irate letters as "Dhex." Amazingly I do not mind.

2. Yes, I'm an elitist --albeit dyolog-poor-- dandy.

3. Yes, I used to work for Culture Crash Comics, not that it really meant anything then, nor now.

4. No, you've never seen my work. I am perpetually at the cusp of fame and notoriety, but like the average Filipino, I cannot seem to make it past the damned glass/class ceiling.

5. I've only had one girlfriend; many near-relationships.

6. I am not marriageable material. Otherwise, my ex would have kept my cheap "ugly" silver wedding ring. And I would have replaced it with something less kitsch.

7. I am really married to my mother and to my family. This is likely one reason why my then-girlfriend decided she'd had enough of me.

8. I must be a good Catholic boy. I cannot un-marry my mother until one of us dies.

9. I am an avid appreciator of women. I have a crush on someone new every day of the week.

10. However, I no longer want to date. Neither do I want to marry. I am not putting myself through the possibility of being cuckolded and rendered obsolete anymore.

11. Education was the best gift my parents gave me. What I got from education was priceless. This world sadly doesn't recognize "priceless."

12. I really don't want to be rich, but I'm tired of being dyolog-poor.

13. I often operate out of trust: I am therefore often stepped on and stabbed in the back.

14. I've found the secret of youth-- you simply cannot get it back. Best you can do is enjoy your youth and age gracefully, accepting the gray hair and liver spots as they come. I've been practicing being an old man since I was 12. I'm going to be a deadly but randy loveable old rake when I hit 60.

15. I love Bill Shatner. And Adam West. We are all theatrical hams.

16. I shoulda been a priest. Woulda made a great Benedictine scholar, Franciscan monk, Jesuit paranormal researcher, or a randy Dominican confessor.

17. Under all my snideness today, I am really a very loving individual. Corporately incompetent, but affirming and supportive, willing to even kill parts of myself that do not conform to the loved one's world-view, if only to prove by any later failure that there is always room for compromise.

18. I used to sing. I used to paint. I used to be a poet.

19. Now I can go back to all those things I used to do. I'd still give them up to spend every Christmas toasting the new year, in bed or at some seaside restaurant with Honey. And only Honey.

20. I've learned lately that you should just do whatever the hell you want. Even if your wife or parents stop nagging you because you've stopped doing what you love, they'll always find other things to nag about.

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Ian said...

Very, very true on that last one....