Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Dexterian Credo (or, New Age Wishy-Washy Bullsh!t Part 1)

I believe in God.
I believe He created the Universe, or perhaps caused it to create itself; God stands outside and within causality.
For the most part, God is good, or as close to Good as Man can comprehend.
God is not bound by gender, or by convention; paradoxically, the human need for order and convention also come from God.
God is absurd. The gift of humor comes from His absurdity.

I believe in evolution. I believe there is no conflict between biblical accounts of creation and evolution in itself. I see the hand of God in the evolutionary placement of mankind as this planet's dominant species.

I believe in self-determinism. God gave man a will, and hands with which to implement it.

I also believe in destiny.

I believe in the perfectibility of Man. He is always aspiring to be greater than himself.

The world Man lives in is the biggest learning laboratory ever devised. It is here that he can test his beliefs, his assumptions about himself and his place in the Universe. It is here that he suffers, loves, grieves, celebrates. This world too, is his jumping point into the hereafter.

The Problem of Evil
I believe in a devil.
I believe him as a symbol and symptom of the Problem of Evil. He is also an active will, wreaking pain fear and chaos in the Universe, or at least within the world of Mankind.

I believe in sin. The possibility of sin comes hand-in-hand with man's ability to think outside the box. There can be no saints where there are no deviants; no genius where there is no madness.

I believe that evil is necessary. No one truly wants to be visited by crime, sickness, natural disasters, but everyone can learn from these if they so chose. In a perfected world, though, it should not exist: we as a race should strive for this to be so, even in the face of our perpetual failure to bring evil to a final decisive end.

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