Tuesday, September 06, 2005


If you've got a robust sense of irony, might I recommend never getting romantically attached? It's too painful, feeling the irony kick in when the loved one kicks you out of his or her life.


Congress finally killed the impeachment complaint.
I've had mixed feelings about this (impeach Gloria movement) since somebody leaked the "Hello Garci" tapes to the public. Gloria isn't going to be impeached despite the likelihood of her lying and cheating staring us all in the face. At least for about a year, which is exactly what she and her supporters want. And that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

warui aji no moto
It's hard enough getting people to care about the state of the elections after the fact. It'll be much harder to gather that kind of momentum again and top it next year. If she is to be ousted, we have to do it now before any more damage is done to the country in the name of making it a "Strong Republic" while transforming our hard-earned tax money and Marcos's sequestered wealth (mom's and dad's hard earned money) into congresional pork.

The road to hell...
I'm sure Gloria means well, but then so did Erap when he started his presidency. When in a position of heavy responsibility, intentions alone cannot carry the day. Marcos, for all his evil, likely had good intentions-- the country would prosper so long as he, his family, his province and his cronies would prosper first and foremost, in that order. (He did give us roads and highways and Masagana 99 after all.) But the evil things they did far outweigh the good-- people disappearing, dissent being bludgeoned in the name of the state, public policy shaped according to the will of big (usually gambling-affiliated) business, badly handled servicing of the national debt, to name a few.

(Digression: Marcos had the most finesse and bothered to hide everything behind a mask of legality --a Marcos-controlled court and legislature. Erap blundered like a bull in a china shop. Gloria, doing the same things now that Marcos did then, doesn't quite have it down pat, even if she's seemingly turning into his spiritual successor.)

She has to be impeached-- meaning to go through the impeachment trial-- if only to prove she didn't cheat. Of course, she's avoiding it like the plague, likely for the same reason Erap tried to delay his own impeachment trial and keep that fateful second envelope closed.

There's the Rub
Assuming we do get rid of her, though, the one question scaring the bejeezus out of our Makati businessmen and our middle class is "Who the hell are we gonna replace Gloria with?" I could swear the eager presidential jobseekers come from Batman's rogues gallery.

Masalimuot nga.


Saint Eroica said...

i always said that this nation is led and will be led by oranggutans. and i will never allow myself to become "one of them", so i say, let's stay away from these bunch.

Bonsai said...

Hey it's a circus out there! We already have a midget for president geez...