Thursday, September 15, 2005

More of my constants are dead now, or dying. And while I'm glad that some of them are moving to higher places (and some, corollarily, are moving to lower, fiery places) I'm afraid of the mess they're leaving behind-- my mess now.

Peter Jennings, Doreen Fernandez (comforting constants though I never really followed their work); Walter Matthau (one of my favorite cranky old men), Nick Joaquin, Karol Wojtyla, Raul Roco, yes, even Fernando Poe. Very much dead. Add Haydee Yorac to the list.

Haydee Yorac, having graced the Commission on Elections and the Presidential Commission on Good Government, has recently passed on. In her recent Philippine Daily Inquirer front page picture, she looked... well... beautiful. In almost all her old pictures, she looked like a fright wig. I guess leaving government service does that to you. Makes you wonder what happens when you're trying to serve the government while not trying to serve yourself.


This just in: another of my constants just up and shuffled off the mortal coil. Today. My friend Coke's mother -- a woman I admired, loved and greatly disagreed with concerning the direction my life was taking-- passed away after a short battle with (I think) a literal troubled heart. I'll be taking some time to pray for her easeful entry into the afterlife. For Coke too: he's inherited a business that will need all his attention-- as the old duties were the purview of his mom. Please pray for strength, resolve and clarity-- for my friend, for all of us.


Paul said...

even death is a constant thing my friend.. not that i'm saying its a good thing.. its just a natural course of things.

what we have is to hope that there will be something in that next great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

Anonymous said...

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