Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bodega Bits


American Idol alumnus Constantine Maroulis, he of the infamous pout, is coming here to tour the malls. Great news for gay guys, women and diehard Maroulis fans—make a guess which category yours truly belongs in. Having been an ex-rocker myself, I say “More power to ya.” Maybe I’ll even stop by one of the rather high-end malls just to (figuratively) say hello, and support a brother in music.

It’s too bad that he doesn’t have his old band with him though. I would have liked to experience firsthand the sound of Pray for the Soul of Betty.


…is never funny, unless the situation is so out there that the idea of it becomes hilarious. Case in point, the burly but sexually inept man, who cries Rape! after being “forcibly seduced” by a woman half his height, weight and mass but more than twice his equal in appetite and aggressive behavior.

What happened to the 22-year old college student from Zamboanga does not the above case make. Even if she had been a sex worker specializing in group activity--which I doubt-- she deserved better treatment than being more or less discarded like a rag doll out of the side of a van after the deed was done.

Uncle Sam, our collegialas are neither pigs, nor slabs of meat who exist to be shot or ravaged by overstressed GIs.

Maybe the Visiting Forces Agreement has its merits. I’m even willing to concede that it may have been bad medicine we needed to swallow at the time, what with Uncle Sam being vengefully stingy with aid for his long-suffering ally. But crap like this should not have happened at all. Crap like this should not happen again.

And While We’re on the Subject of Rape, Uncle Sam…

It’s bad enough that one of your boys performed an NLP-assisted Jedi mind trick on my then-fiancee to convince her leave me. It’s worse when said boy stands idly by while his black ops buddies make her life inconvenient.

I’m Asian so I can understand the need for states to protect themselves. But my ex has never given you reason to question her integrity. If I recall rightly, she single-handedly streamlined one of your most annoyingly mired-in-red-tape departments.

I. love. this. woman. you. bastard. And you and Whitebread ultimately made me waste 12 years of my life. But if she wants to spend the rest of her natural existence with Whitebread, then so be it--it wouldn’t be the first time I loved a woman and she wanted to be with someone else richer, more settled, more suave than me. But please treat her with the respect she deserves.

Slay the Father

I owe Uncle Sam a lot-- for English, for my formation as a freethinking lover of philosophy, of the sciences, of art, poetry, prose, comics, Star Trek and Buffy. But if the gifts he gives have the kind of pricetag that involves us selling more and more of our souls to him every time he comes a-knocking, then maybe it's time to figuratively stake him and live life outside his shadow.

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