Monday, November 28, 2005

Color Me Angry.

As usual, I have somehow f_cked up whatever was happening between me and my friend. I tried to be careful, I tried not to screw it up, but I must have somehow. Because I 'm male and it is always--without fail-- a male's fault.

That aside, I am irritated because people are still tossing fireworks carelessly in the street. Despite high prices. Despite the decline of the local fireworks industry. Despite the fact that it's common knowledge that behavior like that causes people to lose fingers, hands, legs and feet.

I'm mad because we're never going to bridge the gap between men and women, and that many of us local males will wind up with gay men or priestly vestments, or worse: become gay men in priestly vestments. Because our women just. don't. want. us.

Because there's always something wrong with-, missing in- or better than you.


Anonymous said...

We never will Dex. We can hope to just close the gap by just a little bit


Paul said...

oh evil one.. when will you learn that it isnt about bridging the gap but rather making big sign boards to help communicate

its never easy... humans beings are so fucking complicated

Dexter Lira said...

Ah, but it is about bridging gaps. Otherwise no perfect communion is possible.

thepoet said...

can't say much about guys right now. my guy just betrayed me.