Thursday, November 03, 2005


You'll be happy to know I kissed her.
No, not in the way you wished.
That path frees you from me and
I will not willingly take that road
Until every street, shortcut
and footpath to your heart is
Hopelessly, irredeemably blocked.

But if it comforts you when you lie
With that man, in your highway raodside
Motel dreams or out of them, know this:
Last night, I loved her; I barely thought
of you.

My eyes moved across her expanse
Noting the topography that I
Once willingly overlooked for your sake.
From space I recorded the landscape
Of skin, broken only by clouds of
Cotton and urban constructs of leather.

I held her, extracting pleasure
And comfort from her geologics--
Every heat spike, every sigh,
her tremors, her subtle tectonic

I longed to descend into the wet
Depths beneath her smile, explore firsthand
Her teeth with my tongue. To loose her hair,
Measure the dark foliage of her crown
With fingers that before ached only
To touch you.

When we parted she touched my cheek.
I simply held her hand and kissed it.

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