Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An Incomplete Answer to the Question of Meaning

Don't believe 'em when the tell you "things just happen." It's always somebody's fault. Maybe you were busy, maybe you cheated, maybe it's a million other little things that snowballed into the giant mess that killed whatever shot you had at forever. It's still somebody's fault because somebody let it happen. Be that as it may, punishing somebody, random acts of vengeance, don't accomplish anything in situations like this. They don't address the central issue: they don't bring the loved one back, they don't restore the old order of things.

What's true is that people want. I can't stop that any more than I can stop the sea from touching my feet on the beach.

So let 'em want.

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Kervin said...

yeah, but do yourself a favor and change you blog picture, its a reminder yo should not address at the moment