Friday, December 28, 2007

There's Always a Girl...

Only this one's ten. She sells garlands to churchgoers in the mornings at the University before running off to school in the afternoons. She has sisters selling flowers and begging for handouts, ostensibly for milk to feed her little brother.

I'm a regular buyer. I've been one ever since I tried to set up shop on niversity grounds.

I asked her what her parents were doing while she was out making a living. Working, of course. There's a water station a good stone's throw away from where we were standing-- the idea was to imply that her mom or pop had work related to it.

Over recycled omelettes at the local co-op (this was me being generous) she asked me again why she and her sister found me doubled over in the adoration chapel months ago.

I stalled for time, rising to get us some water. I didn't realize that an old lady friend of hers had positioned herself right behind my seat. As soon as I'd risen, she'd attacked my tray with spoon and fork, dumping all my food into a plastic bag. To take home .

I laughed and shook my head.

Some things are so simple and yet so difficult to process. :)

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