Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, Family

Consider this an experiment. Mom checks my phone when she can get it away from me, she checks my deviantArt journal when I'm away from the PC and she checks my Multiply account when she gets a chance to look at it over my shoulder.

I know, she's a mom and she can't help it. :)


I'm giving her and my family carte blanche to look at this.

Whatever it is I want to hide --like my plans-- will simply not be posted online. The rest of you will just have to satisfy yourselves with my meandering musings and political prattling from before 2007. That'll be a lot of material for to cover. You can also check out my other site:

fringeliving (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

There, Welcome to my life. Feel free to walk in and rearrange the furniture.

As my little bodega and its allied sites are accessible to everybody, I'll be posting family pics and other stuff here so I won't have to go through the bother of emailing people. Really, I don't like looking at my inbox. I haven't, since Christmas, and I only looked at it because it was Christmas.

* * *
These pics are from the most recent New Year's celebrations with Lola Uping at her place in Alabang Hills Village. Pop's idea. Aaaand he paid for most of the goodies. As was usual we ate , we talked, we ate, we prayed, we ate, we waited, we ate... you get the picture. One of the really great things about this particular celebration is that we got to celebrate a quasi-Thanksgiving with a very real turkey.

I will say that the rest of you should have been there for the salmon.

Lyra brought her new significant other and a friend. (Welcome to the extended family, boys. ) Meanwhile KM took time from his New Year's duties to show up and partake of the food and good company. Mom brought the pasta-- that we had to pick it up from Valle Verde (read= Richville) was noteworthy.

Oh, and I met a girl. She's rich, dark and a very healthy specimen. Her name's Elena. How did we meet? She was a guest entertaining guests at the dinner table at Lola's. I'm including a picture of her in my next entry.

I'm not promising anything, but this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. :)

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Hale said...

I think she never ages. Happy New Year