Friday, February 01, 2008


My license expires today, and it's a little bit of a drag that I can't finance its renewal right now. My funds are tied to other things at this point. At least, with it as an enabler, I got to do such swell stuff with other people's cars over the last year. I became...

  1. a family driver, hauling my mom and related cargo to and from different points of southern Luzon; I took my first ex to the wake of a friend's mother on this same day last year.
  2. an apprentice race driver, using the South Super Highway as training for high speed night driving under the tutelage of one of my friends;
  3. a runner/roadie, moving stuff --and musical instruments-- all over the Metro;
  4. a one man multimedia studio on wheels whose motto just happened to be "We Deliver";
  5. a mechanic. I think this goes without saying when you handle vehicles: you need to know a little bit about what goes where and how "healthy" machines vibrate;
  6. a traffic accident statistic (almost)-- as when certain events screwed with my inner state so much that I almost didn't notice I was doing over 90 on narrow city streets. Incidentally I discovered that while you can be seized and rattled and tossed about by an emotional paroxysm (like an angry crying jag) while you're behind the wheel, there is a somewhat detached part of your psyche that can still keep its senses trained on the road. I kid you not, it's true. Not that I want to try that again.
That said, I am very thankful to my sometimes-corrupt government for letting me have a card that gave me legal carte blanche to do all that. In times when I was lonely and ABBA-deprived the driving experience helped-- the car I'm using doesn't have any kind of music player.

My license expires today. And I am thankful for everything that implies. I am hoping some key people still remember why.

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