Thursday, June 26, 2008


Events have again caught me flat-footed. Thad Reantaso's ashes have by this time made their way to Don Bosco in Makati. The exigencies of being an online eigokyoushi prevent me from honorable leaving the workplace to see what's left of my old friend. I'm waiting for word as to what will happen after the urn hits Don Bosco.

Please don't store him in some vault yet. Not until I've seen the others.

* * *

There are other things happening which I neither have the time nor the intestinal fortitude to blog about in detail here, now. I'll only say that my faith in humanity has been stretched again to the point where it threatens to break.

I'm praying I'm wrong about what I think is happening. And if I'm right I'll be saying requiems for at least two more friendships.

I've no time to be bitter, no time to lock myself somewhere like the office restroom, or a room in the nearest Hotel SOGO. As usual I cannot yell nor smash my fists into a yielding wooden surface. And my twisted nobility pretty much prevents me from indulging in the canned intimacy that is expected of rooms in such hotels.

God help me, I'm so damned close to doing just that.

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Carmela said...

Dex, bro. It's the third day I've been a shell-shocked, blubbering mess since we found out about good ol' Duff. Rest assured he left us all with great memories and a legacy to those kids. I'm at a loss for words.