Monday, September 08, 2008

Bought the Flag

I don't imagine I'll have the time to properly assemble it though. But if there's one thing I learned about humanity, it is that it thrives on purchases, deeds and products whose only significance is symbolic.

A new car means "you have arrived." A new dress means "I can now give myself permission to feel beautiful." A new SVMS 01E Flag model kit means... I don't know what it means. Perhaps it means my feeble attempts at reconnecting with the friends I've neglected --because I've been futilely trying to reconnect with my ex-- may work. Perhaps it's just another way to fill the void my ex has left in me. Perhaps it's another palliative (God, I hate these things. Meaning? think "placebo"). But I am coming to terms with an existence that, potentially, will not include someone with whom to whisper nothings in the middle of the night.

Welcome to the new new celibacy, Mr. Lira. And surprise surprise, you don't have to be a priest to take part in it.

Damn it, where're the exact-o knife and the super glue!?


Tina, I love you.
Without you my life is crap.

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