Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When I rest my head on my pillow tonight-- more likely when I pass out in front of my PC writing the nth draft of my letter to Tina in between blogging and playing Temple of Elemental Evil -- I will lose consciousness in the simple faith that my universe will change. Perhaps it won't be a Grand World-Stopping Event. Perhaps the change will be like most changes that have made themselves felt in my life--minuscule, subtle, with long-term ramifications that will defy my feeble attempts at exact predictive analysis.

They're firing up that potentially world-destroying super-supercollider.

But one doesn't really need major events like that to usher in a much-needed change. We already do that at the beginning of every year; at the end of every significant relationship, romantic-, business-, legal- or otherwise.

All we need, all we have to go on, really, is a little faith. Or in publisher Kennth Yu's case, a lead-lined bunker, bug spray and a sh!tload of chips.

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