Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I spoke too soon...

Crap! It turns out that it might be weeks before the mini-Big-Bang inducing supercollisions happen. They only tested the device today, made a stream of hydrogen nuclei run a few laps around the 17- mile semiconductor torus (doughnut shaped pipe) at near-light speed. We all have to wait some more for this revolution in physics that I have somehow tied to my personal well-being.

If it works and the world doesn't burn, great. We learn more about the Universe as God first saw it. What's dark matter? Do Higgs particles exist? We finally get closer to answering these questions. If it works and it does start the world off on "an accelerated heat death," that's fine with me too. In my book, the universe may need to be rewritten anyway.

I said in the last post one need not wait for world-shaking events to help them mark changes in their lives. One only needed faith and an event to attach significance to. Personal drivel, I know. I promised not to indulge in it, but methinks events top-billing supercolliders are a special case.

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