Friday, October 31, 2008

A Word in Edgewise

I'd be remiss if I didn't write about the upcoming US presidential elections. The only snag is that everyone pretty much knows its significance. Everyone has an opinion and mine will only add to the noise that no one wants to deal with. This is after all the age of too much information.

But let's belabor the obvious anyway: the outcome of the US elections is important because when someone sneezes in Washington, the rest of the world catches a bad head cold

I am honestly sick of Dubya and Dick Cheney sneezing and spreading their spittle and mucus everywhere.  It grieves me that otherwise rational people will-- as a knee-jerk reaction-- stick to Dubya's anointed simply because 
  1. he flexes his muscles and waves the flag
  2. he purports to respect life and represent the godly
I won't go into the difference in moral weight between the stand of people who are perceived to allow an evil like abortion to exist vs. the stand of people who are perceived to gleefully send their children to war in the name of Christ and righteous vengeance on the wrong nation. Really. It's a useless exercise, as my writing moves no one anymore. (Don't believe me? Ask my ex.)

Beyond asking God to stop this sick joke, I can't influence the outcome of the elections any more than my sneezing can influence bird flu in China. I just want to say, "This world needs a change. And it can start with the guy in charge of Nova Roma."

And yes, Sarah Palin is a MILF. But she wouldn't get my vote if I were a citizen.