Monday, November 03, 2008

Nova Roma, Again. And Sisyphus too.

I never quite considered this until someone on NPR raised the topic. What does an Obama win mean for white supremacist groups in the 'States?  Hackles were already raised regarding an alleged plot--timely stopped-- against the man's life.

What excites and frightens at the same time is how close the man is to actually winning. One doesn't need to be in the 'States to taste the electric tang of change and as-of-yet unrealized potential. It's almost like asking someone out: so many things can skew things and make the whole effort another punchline in yet another existentialist joke.

Think of Sisyphus having to push that overgrown stone up the hill again.  

I'm watching the US elections out of the corner of my eye, devoting a bit of brain power to extrapolating alternate future histories ("What happens if McCain or Obama wins?") from insufficient data. I might as well try to number crunch those futures just to keep my mind occupied. Beyond my jobs what else have I got to do?           

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