Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama's Won-- Now What?

For Americans, this should be easy. 

Stay on his a$$ and protest like crazy if he starts making the same Dubya mistakes even the moderate Republicans couldn't stand. They've just proven that (at least in US elections) power does reside in the people. Ergo despite the manipulations of Karl Rove's intellectual descendants the people doth indeed give, the people canst indeed take away.

Thank him for carrying your hopes, pansy-crats. But never let him forget this.

For the rest of us, it's another nail-biting wait.

Happily the anti-Americanism is thawing... and non-Americans can now admit that they need help that traditionally came from Uncle Sam. Meanwhile Iran and Israel are already lobbying, throwing their weight around.

Ouch. Wait and see, as always.

Why Are you So Interested, Dex? 

Aside from the Washington-sneezes-whole-world-catches-cold premise, you mean?


The last three years have been characterized by me mostly falling and mostly struggling to get up. It's nice to see something I've wanted that affects people's lives really swing my way, no strings, no catch-22's, no belated "Dyok laaaang! Belaaat!"       

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