Monday, December 15, 2008

I so do not want to write about robot brides...

...but geeks are building them. Check out Project Aiko. Or EMA if you're feeling the need for someone just as devoted, if smaller. As a theme, it's not new either. In the myths, Pygmalion built his Galatea and promptly fell wretchedly in love with it. The story's been in circulation since sometime before the birth of Christ.  

I know. I said I wouldn't write about this topic. But it bothers me somewhat. It bothers me that so many of us are so lonely that they'd be driven to this pass. It would be very simplistic of me to blame this trend on the fact that many of us would never meet a lady's standards for companionship, even if our aura of uncool is the single biggest contributing factor. 

If you want a pleasantly simple, matter-of-fact reason we're doing this, a reason that doesn't pass the blame on just the one gender, then this is it:  we're forced--those of us who have the time, money and inclination-- into this pass because we screw up our relationships so badly.