Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Uses of Faith

The uses of faith: it keeps us hopeful in the face of adversity. it quiets the restless mind enough so that when solutions to problems present themselves, they can be seen and acted on; it is one of the practices that keep individuals bound in solidarity. A dream inspires, but it is faith that keeps the inspiration going. It is through faith, work and perseverance that great things get done.

Faith is also divisive; when coupled with insecurity, dogma and much bullheadedness, faith blinds and stops the ears; I've not seen any amount of faith directly violate physics. It failed its acid test, for me, when it did not bring back the woman I loved.

There is still a place for faith. Humanity could not have done much anything without it. Humanity needs faith. But people can't be blamed overmuch if they set it aside for a more reliable method of epistemology.

Personally, I still have faith in humanity. I still believe that we can guide ourselves out of the morass of its myriad problems-- whether that happens because of a God's guidance, our innate nobility or sheer dumb luck, I care not. I believe we can, because I must. Mankind, for all its faults, is too precious to allow itself to lay down and die.

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